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Aquarium & Fish Tanks / Goldfish, Betta and Themed tanks / Half Moon Betta Aquarium Kit White

Half Moon Betta Aquarium Kit White

Item # PA71


3 Litre


  • 22.5 height x 20 x 10cm
  • Perfect addition for any room and decor
  • Unique open design makes it easy for feeding
  • Seamless 180 degree panoramic view
  • Pedestal base protects surfaces from being damaged
  • Includes: 3 Litre plastic aquarium base and cover, Natural Gravel 250g, Nutrafin Betta Bowl conditioner 59mL
  • Note fish and plants not included
  • Betta fish make excellent first pets.  With their multitude of vibrant colourations and long flowing fins, the beauty of the Betta bring tranquility and serenity to any environment.
  • Bettas do best if kept in warm temperatures so it is important to keep the aquarium water temperature between 24-27 degrees

AU$19.95 (Was AU$29.95 you save AU$10.00)

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