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Clearance Items / Wardley Carbon Filter Media 200g

Wardley Carbon Filter Media 200g

Item # WA254


For use in aquarium filters *** ON SPECIAL TO CLEAR ***


  • Wardley's filter carbon is excellent for use as an aquarium filtration and purification agent.
  • It is recommended for use in all types of aquarium filters where filter carbon or charcoal is indicated, and may be used in combination with Wardley's filter wool.
  • Content made in Australia.
  • Carton printed in Taiwan.
  • Wardley's Filter Carbon has numerous small pores to enable it to remove harmfull gases,odours,chlorine and dissolved organic compounds in the treatment of aquarium water.
  • It has a surface area 750 square meters per gram(appr. 26.000 square yards per ounce).
  • Before placing Wardley's Filter Carbon in filter,place under running water to remove any fine particles.
  • Place thin layer of filter wool on filter platform to prevent carbon from being sucked through the filter.
  • Place filter carbon in filter and cover of filter wool.
  • From time to time,as filter carbon accumulates debris,rinse thoroughly.
  • Replace filter carbon after several rinsings.
  • For maximum purification and filtration of aquarium water.

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