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Aquarium & Fish Tank Filters / JT Internal Filter 450L/Hr

JT Internal Filter 450L/Hr

Item # JHJ-611B


Suitable for up to 80 litre aquariums

Manufacturer:JT Industry

  • Compact filter design to maximize space of filtration.
  • Simple setup and quick start operation.
  • Easy to pull apart for maintainance and cleaning.
  • Energy efficent power usage.
  • Very quiet motor operation and excellent reliability.
  • Includes spraybar attachment.
  • Filters comes with coarse black sponge.
  • Comes complete with air ventury line to create bubbles.
  • 450L/Hr, 6 watts, 0.9m H-max.
  • 220-240v, 50Hz
  • Must operated fully submerged.

AU$14.95 (Was AU$19.95 you save AU$5.00)

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