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Aquarium Water Conditioners and Purifiers / Aquasonic / Aquasonic Blackwater Conditioner 100mL

Aquasonic Blackwater Conditioner 100mL

Item # NH320


Creating natural tropical water conditions


  • Aquasonics Blackwater Conditioner contains various humic acids, tannins, and organic acids that are often present in “Blackwater” conditions.
  • Blackwater Conditioner is an all natural product, so can be used with even the most delicate of species.
  • Blackwater Conditioner will help improve colouration and health, improves spawning condition, and may enhance plant growth.
  • Blackwater Conditioner is suited to many Asian, African and South American species.
  • For best results add Blackwater Conditioner when starting up an aquarium, or after a water change is performed.
  • Dose Rate: Add 10mL per 20 litres of aquarium water.
  • Made in Australia


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