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Fish Food / Wardley Goldfish Kit

Wardley Goldfish Kit

Item # W1149


*** DISCOUNT TO CLEAR *** Protein Rich Diet Fish Food, Water Purifier and Conditioner


  • The Wardley Goldfish kit has been designed to supply the nutritional and water conditioning needs for your goldfish bowl or aquarium.
  • Wardley Goldfish Food Flakes with natural colour enhancers for all varieties of goldfish.
  • Wardley Goldfish Neutraliser for dissolving, neutralising, and conditioning your water.
  • Wardley Superchlor Plus to effectively neutralise chlorine, chloramines, as well as heavy metal ions such as copper, zinc, and iron.
  • Fantastic to start your Goldfish bowl.
  • Made in USA.

AU$4.95 (Was AU$10.35 you save AU$5.40)

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