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Kent Pro Scraper II 12 Inch Multi

Item # C00976


  • When maintaining an aquarium to look its best, cleaning the glass interior is an inevitable job.
  • KENT Marine Pro-Scrapers and accessories make that job easier.
  • Designed to be durable and versatile, plastic and metal blades are interchangeable.
  • The AquaMop attachment uses a softer pad to wipe glass clean.
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Blades for Glass Aquariums
  • 1 x Plastic Blade for Glass or Acrylic Aquariums
  • 1 x Pad Covered blade for Glass or Acrylic Aquarium.
  • Handles are made of durable fiberglass providing the proper leverage and resist corrosion for a lifetime of use.
  • Each handle is topped off with an ergonomic grip that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand.
  • ProScraper II models come with all three replacement blade styles to determine which one works best for each job.
  • Blades are interchangeable and replaceable so cleaning can be done with that perfect edge.
  • ProScraper II heads are interchangeable and can be moved from the long handles to the short handles.
  • Kent Marine Replacement Stainless Steel Blade For Proscrapers (Glass Aquariums Only!) 3inch wide.
  • Designed for glass aquariums
  • Rust Resistant
  • Flexible 316 stainless steel for smooth scraping
  • Thick enough to be safe to use (will not cut flesh as razor would)


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