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Aquarium Water Treatments / Ammonia and Nitrate / Aqua Medic Denigran Nitrate Remover Filter Media 4 x 50g bags

Aqua Medic Denigran Nitrate Remover Filter Media 4 x 50g bags

Item # AM41176


Treats up to 200 litres of aquarium water

Manufacturer:Aqua Medic

  • Denigran is a special organic plastic granular material that allows the settlement of nitrate removing bacteria.
  • Denigran is completely chemical free for natural nitrate removal.
  • Each Denigran packet contains 4 individual fine mesh bags of 50g each. The mesh bag gives the optimum water flow through the media.
  • Depending on the nitrate load, Denigran will be effective for up to 12 months.
  • Dosage: 1-2 bags per 50litres of aquarium water
  • The Denigran bag should be placed in an area of good water flow in the filter or in a reactor.
  • Do not place all the required bags into the aquarium system at once, but rather over a number of weeks.
  • Some initial water clouding may be observed as the bacteria colony multiplies, but this will clear after a short time.
  • Suitable for both salt and fresh water aquaria.
  • Also helps clear algae problems.
  • Made in Japan with German engineering.


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