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Aquarium Lights / Red Sea Reef-Spec Blue White T5 Tube 1150mm 54w 15000K

Red Sea Reef-Spec Blue White T5 Tube 1150mm 54w 15000K

Item # RED232


Made in Germany


  • This special colour blend (60:40 ratio of 6000K and 22,000K) reproduces the natural lighting conditions of tropical reefs between 1m-20m depth.

Most corals are photosynthetic and approximately 85% of the energy required for their growth and coloration is provided through the symbiotic relationship they share with the zooxanthellae algae which live within the coral. In order to facilitate the development of the zooxanthellae, it is essential to provide not only the right intensity of lighting (approx. 1w/litre for T5 fluorescents provides optimal photosynthetic irradiation spectrum – PAR), but to ensure also that the lighting provides the correct colour spectrum for corals.

Red Sea’s new T5 REEF SPEC Lighting range is the result of extensive testing into the needs of corals within a reef aquarium environment. This high quality German-made lighting is proven to provide the intensity and colour spectrum required by even the most demanding coral species, commonly known as Small Polyp Stony Corals (SPS). These corals include such species as Acropora, Montioporaand Seriatoporaand have far more exacting requirements for lighting than soft corals.

Using a combination of Red Sea's T5 REEF SPEC fluorescent tubes will not only create a pleasing, natural, visual effect but will also promote coral growth and fluorescence without encouraging the development of undesired algae.


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