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Aquarium Ornaments & Fish Tank Decoration / Nature Wood (Spider Wood) Medium

Nature Wood (Spider Wood) Medium

Item # NTW02


1 piece ranging from 20-30cm. Photo is only a indicative sample (FIAD-1330)


  • With attachment suction cups
  • Provides the most natural décor for tanks.
  • Turns dark once saturated
  • Amount of tannins released by spider wood is much less than Mopani and Malaysian driftwood.
  • Spider wood is a very unique type of wood used in the aquarium hobby. The wood has lots of extensions giving it a tree like appearance. It is often a popular choice when aquascaping aquariums due to the amount of plants that can be attached to the branches.
  • Has been dried out to be lightweight for shipping purposes so will not sink immediately and will need weighted down for about a week until it is fully saturated again.
  • Once the spider wood has been submerged there is a potential for a white film to develop. This film is not harmful and will be eaten by some fish, all shrimp, and snails.
  • Great habitat for shrimp of all kinds.


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Nature Wood (Spider Wood) Small
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