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Ponds and Outdoor Equipment / Pond Water Treatments and Test Kits / AQUAPRO Pond Treatment and Conditioner 250mL

AQUAPRO Pond Treatment and Conditioner 250mL

Item # 03AG117


Designed to neutralise and remove chlorine and chloramine from standard tap water


  • Neutralises the chloramine and chlorine found in common tap water
  • Neutralises harmful ammonia
  • Perfect product for water changes
  • 1 bottle treats 3,000L
  • Effective immediately

The best way to start up a new pond is to condition the water with the Aquapro Pond Water Treatment & Conditioner.

It's best to administer the treatment and conditioner before you put your fish in their new home. The treatment has been manufactured with aloe Vera and PVPs to repair and replace the slime coating on fish, preventing stress and allowing for a smooth transition.

The Treatment & Conditioner also has properties which neutralises toxic ammonia spikes caused by fish waste, which can be a threat to fish health if not treated. Each 250ml bottle treats 3000 litres of pond water, meaning 1mL will treat 12 litres of water. Being such a necessary product, it is impossible to overdose, being completely harmless to fish, pets and plants.

Add 10ml to 120L of water when setting up or new water is added to the pond. A 25% monthly water change is advisable for small ponds.

To calculate approximate pond capacity:
Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Average Depth (m) x 1000 for Litres


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