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Aquarium Water Conditioners and Purifiers / Indian Almond Leaves Large 10 Pkt

Indian Almond Leaves Large 10 Pkt

Item # TAS-IAL20


Size: Approx 20cm


  • Indian almond leaves have been a long kept secret of breeders of Bettas in south Asia.
  • It was long ago noticed that fish that lived in the waters next to Indian almond trees (the leaves of which would fall naturally into the waters) were found to be healthier and more vibrant than their counterparts.
  • It was then noticed that if one were to introduce the leaves into aquariums one could achieve similar conditions as found in the fishes natural environment.
  • The leaves were found to help keep their fish healthy with strong anti-bacterial properties and promote breeding.
  • The dried leaves act as a "black water extract" which gradually turns the water brown like tea and effectively reduces the ph levels in water, releasing organic compounds such as humic acids, flavanoids (quercetin and kamferol) and tannins (s. a. punicalin, punicalagin and tercatein) into the water which absorb harmful chemicals.
  • Other fish known to benefit from Indian almond leaf use include baby discus, dwarf cichlids, killi fish, rasboras, catfish, and black water tetras.
  • Imported from Thailand.

Dosage: For bettas, put a 1-2 sq inch piece (or a quarter of a leaf) into each 1 gallons (4 litre) jar. You can also put a whole tiny leaf into the jar. For usual aquarium (with tetras, gouramis, arrowanas, apistos etc), put 2-3 large leaves per 25 gallons (100 litres) of water for 14-21 days. Simply put the leaves into the aquarium. After 1-2 days the leaves will be water-logged and sink. Apart from their benefical effects on the water, they will tan the water slightly (to a clear amber) and provide a very natural stream-bottom look to your aquarium. Alternatively, you can boil the leaves to make blackwater extract and dose when you need. Soaking the leaves in a bucket for a week will produce a similar result.


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Indian Almond Leaves Large 10 Pkt
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