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Aquarium Water Conditioners and Purifiers / Ocean Free Pure (Geo) Liquid 2L

Ocean Free Pure (Geo) Liquid 2L

Item # QHU253


100% Natural Water conditioner


  • Revolutionary Breakthrough in Water Technology
  • Applicable for Planted, Freshwater, Marine & Reef Aquaria Tanks
  • Improves water quality, making it crystal clear
  • Acts and removes harmful bacteria (pathogenic)
  • Eliminates bad water smell from tanks or ponds more effectively than activated carbon
  • Removes chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and chemical residues contained within water
  • Increases dissolved oxygen level in water
  • Doubles efficiency of tank/pond filtration system with increased beneficial bacteria count
  • Pure Liquid's super fine porous particles act as a mobile surface area for beneficial bacteria, an ability unique from other filter medium and products
  • Increases beneficial bacteria population thus resulting in more effective reduction of ammonia, nitrite, phosphate, algae and toxic substances
  • Accelerates bio-activity: ideal for starting up new filter systems
  • Effectively acts as fertiliser with the rich mineral contents, suitable for all tropical aquaria plants
  • Contains more than 2000 types of natural elements, minerals and compounds that are almost impossible to cultivate in aquarium and ponds.
  • Increases fish appetite, enhances growth and intensifies fish colouration
  • Encourages breeding and increases fertility
  • Helps boost fish immune system
  • Creates water conditions that help to prevent bacterial infections
  • Creates water conditions that accelerate the healing processes of fish treated for fin rot, mouth rot and internal injuries
  • By creating superior water conditions - helps to protect the natural slime coating of all fish.


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