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Our Friends / Stink Rid 1 Litre

Stink Rid 1 Litre

Item # STR1


Powerful Odour Treatment - 20 to 50 treatments per bottle


  • Clean, Safe and Effective
  • For smelly drains, sinks, toilets and septics.
  • Stink Rid is an eco-friendly, bio-degradable, non-toxic water additive to reduce and eliminate water borne odour and smell.
  • Ideal for use in drains and toilets:
    - Homes
    - Boats
    - Caravans
    - Small commercial applications
    - Cafes / restaurants
DIRECTIONS: Simply squeeze bottle until upper chamber fills with the desired amount. Remove lid from upper chamber and pour into toilet, sink or drain water. Replace lid to store. For best results use daily.
  • 20 to 50 treatments per bottle
  • 50mL/day - strong odour
  • 20mL/day - mild odour and maintenance


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