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Loyal Customers Rewards Program information

Welcome to our new rewards program!!

We love to reward you with discounts, bonuses and free stuff so please spread the word!!

This is entirely optional so if you don’t want to be involved there is nothing to do.

This works very simply 

When you place an order, a UNIQUE COUPON CODE will be created for you to both share and use for yourself.
We track usage and you get further ❤❤❤ DISCOUNTS and REWARDS ❤❤❤ for any NEW CUSTOMERS who use this code you shared.
Start sharing today your unique Coupon Code below or login to your account to view it and the usage.

You can do this via:

  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, or Text/SMS message etc
  • Write it on the back of a business card
  • Include it in your email signature
  • Share it on a public notice board (please check you have permission of course)
Copy the message below and spread your coupon code around
Check out
Use the coupon code 'LOGIN TO SEE YOUR COUPON CODE' for $5 off any order any time.
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