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Unlike the temperatures that our seas and oceans produce, stand-alone aquariums are unable to regulate the kind of consistent temperature that fish and other animals need to survive. Aquarium heaters are essential to performing this task and are required for ANY small or large-scale aquarium setup.

Our heaters are available in a range of different wattages, styles and sizes. Look through our range and find the right heater for your aquarium installation.

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Hydor Theo Aquarium Heater 100w
Hydor Theo Aquarium Heater 100w
For 50-100L Aquariums (T11207)
Hydor Theo Aquarium Heater 150w
Hydor Theo Aquarium Heater 150w
For 90-150L Aquariums (T11606)
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Aqua Zonic

Aqua Zonic
Aqua Zonic aquarium Heaters ranging from 50 to 1500watts for your fish tank.

Exo Terra

Exo Terra
Exo Terra terrarium heaters for your reptiles

Juwel Heaters

Juwel Heaters
Submersible fish tank heaters from 50 to 300 watt ratings


Marina compact and standard fish tank heaters in 10 to 300 watt ratings

Ocean Free AZ LED Heaters

Ocean Free AZ LED Heaters
Ocean Free AZ LED Digital Aquarium Heaters ranging from 50 to 500watts for your fish tank.

Other heaters and accessories

Other heaters and accessories
EVO Heaters and accessories

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Product information...

Why do you need an heater

If you have a Tropical, Marine, or Reef aquarium then you will require a good quality fish tank heater.

Importance of temperature

Maintaining a stable temperature is necessary to create a healthy environment for your fish. Temperature fluctuation causes stress to your fish and corals which can lead to disease and possible death of your aquarium inhabitants.

Different kinds of fish, corals and other aquarium inhabitants need different temperature ranges.

Please consult with your local aquarium shop, fish breeder, or fish enthusiast for more information or you can refer to our topic on "Aquarium Thermometers" with a table showing approximate water temperature ranges your aquarium inhabitants.

How to Choose the Right Aquarium Heater

Our heaters come in sizes ranging from 25 – 1500 watt. Which heater you choose will be dependent on the shape and size of your aquarium, including the type of fish you own. In Australia, the recommended measurements to follow are:

For Freshwater

  • 1 watt per litre of aquarium water
    Example: 100 litre aquarium = 100 watt heater

For Saltwater

  • 2 watt per litre of aquarium water
    Example: 100 litre aquarium = 200 watt heater

Note that larger fish tanks may require more than one heater.

Experience Greater Climate Control Precision and Save Energy

Our Aquarium Heaters are suitable for use in both fresh and salt water environments. And thanks to the heat resistant glass, they can change between extreme temperatures without risk of cracking or damaging over time. These devices are also thermostatically controlled so can be operated 24/7 with minimal contribution to your energy bill.

For additional safety and peace of mind, we have heaters that are fitted with automatic safety switches, which turns off the heater if temperatures exceed 35 degrees or if the water level drops. These Aquarium heaters are made with extreme precision, and they can be set to temperatures within the plus/minus 0.5 degree range. These features give you greater control over managing your aquariums temperature, thus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your fish are safe and comfortable.

Our heavy duty heaters such as the Aqua Zonic Titan can also be adjusted to operate at different heating levels, ranging from 50% to 100%. The separate control box with cable length of 90cm from power to box and 120cm from box to heater unit makes them suitable for more flexible installation in your home or commercial environment.

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