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Aquarium Air Pumps

Aquarium air pumps are a useful component for any medium to large-scale fish tank or aquatic installation. Air pumps are designed to aerate and gently oxygenate the environment, by breaking the waters' surface tension to mimic the same momentum that waves and currents in natural waters produce. Aquarium pumps also help remove impurities by circulating the water eliminating dead spots and therefore improving overall filtration. An aquarium air pump is also commonly used in conjunction with other accessories like air stones and ornaments for a nice visual effect.

Our Aquarium pumps come in a range of sizes and wattages and are suitable for use in almost any aquarium setup. We also sell high performance air compressors, which are ideal for larger-scale fish tank environments.

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Vacuvane Side Channel Blower Single Phase Power VSC0140-1MA800-1
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Vacuvane Side Channel Blower Single Phase Power VSC0140-1MA800-1
140000L/Hr (2333L/min). Note: item shipped direct from supplier [specialsinfo]
Vacuvane Side Channel Blower Single Phase Power VSC0210-1MA151-1 (higher pressure model)
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Vacuvane Side Channel Blower Single Phase Power VSC0210-1MA151-1 (higher pressure model)
210000L/Hr (3500L/min). Note: item shipped direct from supplier [specialsinfo]
Shipping  $9.50 most orders Australia wide.
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Fluval & Marina

Fluval & Marina
Fluval and Marina aquarium air pumps for your fish tank.

Hailea air pumps

Hailea air pumps
Aquarium air pumps from Hailea for your fish tank.

Hailea Aquarium Air Compressors

Hailea Aquarium Air Compressors
240v and 12v Air Compressors from Hailea

High volume Air Pump

High volume Air Pump
High flow air pumps and air compressors


Ocean Free Precision Air Pumps

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Product information...

Why do I need an Aquarium Air Pump?

Having a well aerated aquarium provides the necessary oxygen for fish respiration and helps stabilize pH. Aeration provided by the air pump is also helpful in expelling carbon dioxide from your fish tank.

Types of Aquarium Air Pumps

  • Electrical air pumps - most commonly used.
  • Battery powered air pumps - normally used when transporting fish, or as a back during power failure.

Air pumps are used for running the following equipment

Choosing an Aquarium Pump for Filters

The good news about purchasing Aquarium pumps, is that you can never have too much aeration, so you don’t need to worry about over-supplying your fish with oxygen. However, you will need to purchase an air pump that satisfies the minimum aeration requirements.

For most common aquarium and fish tank sizes, an air pump capable of producing between 110 - 130 litres per hour is sufficient for your air supply needs. However, you may need more for larger setups.

It’s also important to purchase Aquarium pumps that suit the right filter type. Sponge filters are the most common type of filter found in aquariums, since they’re ideal for all aquarium sizes and are extremely versatile in any filtration environment. External and under-gravel filters are two other common filter types, which are typically installed on the bottom of a tank.

We offer a huge assortment of air pumps suited for all filtration types. If you’re unsure which air pump is right for your aquarium, feel free to contact us on 07 5551 0235 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Aquarium Pumps for Backgrounds and Accessories

If you’re looking to achieve that desired ‘bubble’ effect, our air pumps can be used to liven any aquarium setting. Thanks to their compact design and quiet operation, they produce a lively visual effect without interfering with the fish habitat. Each air pump is also fitted with rubber feet, which lessens the chance of unwanted vibration.

Heavy Duty Air Compressors

In the case of larger sized private and commercial aquariums, a dedicated air compressor may be needed for your setup. Our range of Hailea air compressors are capable of producing up to 240 litres per minute – resulting in 14400 litres per hour. These compressors are made from ZL-102 aluminium alloy, which helps dissipate heat efficiently and delivers longer-lasting performance.

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