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Aquarium & Fish Tank Filters

Providing a healthy environment for your fish isn’t as complex as you think. Our Aquarium Filters are low maintenance and reliable products that remove biological waste, debris and other harmful particles. And they help to recreate the same water conditions that fish and plants are exposed to in their natural habitats.

We offer a wide range of Aquarium Filters, which are easy to install and greatly improve the wellbeing of your fish – without inconveniencing you in the process. This way, you can spend more time enjoying the company of your fish and less time spent performing tedious maintenance tasks.

Featured Products
Lees Under Gravel Filter 12x30inch
Field specialsinfo not in database
Lees Under Gravel Filter 12x30inch
1 piece 11 x 28 inch (13120) [specialsinfo]
Twin Replacement Black Sponges for XY-2822/XY2821
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Twin Replacement Black Sponges for XY-2822/XY2821
2 pieces [specialsinfo]
Shipping  $9.50 most orders Australia wide.
Aquarium & Fish Tank Filters best sellers
Ocean Free Smart UVC 7W Internal Filter 280-500L/hr
Ocean Free Smart UVC 7W Internal Filter 280-500L/hr
Multi-staged Filtration with UV Sterilisation
Lees Under Gravel Filter 12x24inch
Lees Under Gravel Filter 12x24inch
to suit 24inch tank (13115)
Lees Under Gravel Filter 12x48inch
Lees Under Gravel Filter 12x48inch
2 pieces 11x21 inch plates (13130)
Petworx Aquarium Filter WXI-1300
Petworx Aquarium Filter WXI-1300
Flow rate: 1300L/hour
Fluval Internal Aquarium Filter U2
Fluval Internal Aquarium Filter U2
Underwater Filter suitable for 45-110 Litre aquariums (A470)
AquaClear 20 Aquarium Hang On Filter  (A595)
AquaClear 20 Aquarium Hang On Filter (A595)
378L/hr. For 18-76 litre aquariums (was Aquaclear Mini) (A-595)

Air Driven Aquarium Filter, Corner Filter and Sponge Filter

Air Driven Aquarium Filter, Corner Filter and Sponge Filter
Corner Filters, Sponge Filters, and Bio aquarium filters for your fish tank. From Ocean Free, Up Aqua, Aqua Nova, Orca, Hagen, Jebo, and Aquananos.

Aquarium External Canister Filter

Aquarium External Canister Filter
Top Aquarium Canister Filters to keep your aquarium clean, including filter spare parts, foam and filter media. Browse for Fluval, Hydra, Aqua Pro, Orca, Worx and Sunsun External Filters.

Aquarium Hang on Back Power Filter

Aquarium Hang on Back Power Filter
Range of simple External Hang On Back Filters that hang on the back wall of your tank. Brands include API Rena, AquaClear, Fluval, Marina and Orca.

Aquarium Internal Power Filter

Aquarium Internal Power Filter
Internal power filters to keep your aquarium clean. From Budget friendly brands to high end with 3 stage filtration media options. Shop for Petworx, Marina (Hagen), Fluval, Hailea, Ocean Free and Orca internal filters.

Aquarium Undergravel Filter

Aquarium Undergravel Filter
Aquarium Undergravel Filters for mechanical and biological filtration. Lees and Hailea Under Gravel Filters available.

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Product information...

Why do I need an aquarium filter?

The key to successful fish keeping is maintaining good water quality. Aquarium Filters play an important part in providing healthy living conditions for your aquarium inhabitants, like fish, plants, corals and invertebrates.

Types of aquarium filters

There are many filter types available to you and which one you choose depends on the size of your aquarium tank, your budget, room environment and cleaning preferences. Below is an explanation of each aquarium filter we offer:

Canister Filters

Canister filters are an external filter that provide the largest filtering capacity and work under pressure.

These filters are ideal for medium-large aquarium setups. They’re typically placed inside the aquarium cabinet and pump water in and out of the pipes. Our canister filters are designed for multipurpose use and capable of filtering out mechanical and chemical substances while creating a medium for good bacteria to colonise – all in just one simple device. All you need to do is place the appropriate material into each filter media, whether that be foam, ceramic noodles, charcoal or filter wool, and your fish will be protected against any harmful substances. These models are suitable for freshwater and saltwater environments. And they require little maintenance during their lifecycle too.

Internal Filters

Internal filtersare regularly used in smaller aquarium setups and installed inside the aquarium itself (typically on the bottom or mounted on the side). By drawing water towards the filter media (can be foam and/or charcoal depending on the brand), they trap any impurities that travel through and direct the new supply of water back into the tank. Much like canister filters, you can place different media into the device, in order to achieve the 3 necessary types of filtration.

Hang on Filters

These filters hang on the rim of your aquarium. Water is normally drawn up through a length of pipe submersed in the aquarium, pumped through the filter media (which will depend on the brand) and then back into the aquarium overflowing from the top of the filter.

Air driven filters

As the name suggests they are driven by air. The air is normally supplied by an air pump and creates a vacuum, drawing the water through the filter media (usually filter wool & charcoal).

We stock a great range of of air driven filters to suit your aquarium.

Undergravel Filters

Undergravel filters are a common type of internal filter, which is installed below the aquarium gravel to break down waste which accumulates in the gravel. This encourages the growth of good bacteria to cleanse your water supply.

Note that the aquarium gravel is an important part of the filtration process.

These filters come in a range of standard sizes:

  • 25x50cm (10x20inch)
  • 30x60cm (12x24inch)
  • 30x76cm (12x30inch)
  • 30x91cm (12x36inch)
  • 30x121cm (12x48inch)

How do I pick the right sized filter for my fish tank?

Work out the capacity of my fish tank

Multiply the length x width x height measuring in centimetres and divide by 1000 to get the capacity in litres:

  • example: 60cm x 40cm x 40cm = 96000. 96000 / 1000 = 96 litres

Now multiply this by 3 and 4 to get an approximate flow rate range for your filter.

  • example: 96 x 3 = 288, 96 x 4 = 384

In this example a suitable filter would have a flow rate of 300-400 litres per hour.

Fish tank capacities and corresponding flow rates

Capacity (litres) Approx. L/Hour flow rate
25 0 - 100
50 150 - 200
75 225 - 300
100 300 - 400
200 600 - 900
300 900 - 1200
These rates may vary for saltwater aquarium

If you are not sure what sized fish tank filter would be suitable then please contact us.

Not Sure Which Filter is Right for You?

If you need assistance with choosing one of our Aquarium Filters, you can call us on 07 5551 0235 and our friendly staff will be able to help you. You can also email us at and we’ll quickly respond to any queries you may have.

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