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Bringing You the Latest Fresh and Saltwater Aquarium Test Kits

Want to appreciate your beautiful aquarium… without worrying about the wellbeing of your fish? The Aquarium Shop stocks the latest aquarium test kits in electronic and traditional means.

Our devices make it easy to monitor the quality of your aquarium’s water. They provide accurate readings and give you helpful advice to correct any issues with your aquarium.

But what should you look for when testing the quality of your water?

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Fluval Nitrate Test Kit 0.0-110.0 mg/L (80 tests)
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Fluval Nitrate Test Kit 0.0-110.0 mg/L (80 tests)
Complete kit for testing Nitrite [specialsinfo]
AU$21.95 Was AU$29.95
Saving AU$8.00
API pH Down 37mL
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API pH Down 37mL
Aquarium pH adjuster [specialsinfo]
Shipping  $9.90 most orders Australia wide.
Aquarium Test Kits & pH best sellers

Ammonia Test Kit

Ammonia Test Kit
Ammonia Test Kits and Test Strips from API.


Range of Hardness Test kits from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals and Hagen.

Master Test Kits

Master Test Kits
Range of Master Test Kits from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Hagen and Wardley.

Nitrate Test kit

Nitrate Test kit
Nitrate Test Kits from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.

Nitrite Test Kit

Nitrite Test Kit
Nitrite Test Kits from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.

Other & Marine

Range of Marine, Reef, Saltwater, Copper, Iron, Phosphate and Calcium test kits.

pH Test Kits & Meters

Range of pH Test Kits from AquaMaster, API and Nutrafin

pH Up & pH Down Liquids and Powders

Range of pH Powders, pH adjusters from API and AquaMaster

Test Kit Refills

GH, KH, Nitrate, Nitrate, pH refills for Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Test Kits.

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What Dangers Lurk In the Water?

Your fish are regularly exposed to many compounds. The amount of concentration in these compounds greatly influences the effects on your fish. Below are the most common test parameters you need to be aware of:

Carbonate Hardness:

Low levels of carbonate and bicarbonate concentration may result in rapidly shifting pH levels. This increases stress levels among fish and makes them vulnerable to diseases. The quality of your plants may also suffer.


Ammonia comes from several sources including fish waste, uneaten food and general decaying matter. High levels of ammonia may prevent your fish from breathing properly, while extremely low levels may stress fish.

Nitrate and Nitrite:

High levels of nitrite is usually caused by overfeeding, too many fish or poor biological filtration. This leads to interference with fish respiration. High levels of nitrite leave your fish susceptible to disease and reduction in overall water quality.


The right level of acidity is crucial to providing a healthy environment for your fish. The desired level for freshwater fish sits at 6.8 – 7.5, while saltwater fish need a pH range of 8.2 – 8.4. Our saltwater aquarium test kits provide you with instant readings to help you correct your aquarium’s pH levels.


Copper is vital to treating your fish of parasitic infections. When the levels drop too low, the treatment become ineffective and leaves your fish exposed to parasites.


Calcium helps your invertebrates like corals, crustaceans, mollusks and encrusting algae grow and stay healthy.

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