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Fish Food / A la Carte Green Seaweed 15g

A la Carte Green Seaweed 15g

Item # AL-G


Replicates natural grazing habits. Great food for treats *** ON SPECIAL ***

Manufacturer:Aquarium Systems

Feed A la Carte daily as part of a balanced diet consisting with other food sources.  

100% natural, source of Vitamins and Minerals

Seaweed strips may be fed pre-soaked in aquarium water or in liquid feed for more enrichment or the strips can simply be fed dry.

Break off a small strip (7cm) of seaweed for an average 150 Litre community fish aquarium.  Secure the strip in the tank with a seaweed clip (sold separately).  If there is uneaten food in tghe aquarium after a few hours, remove it.

AU$9.95 (Was AU$19.95 you save AU$10.00)

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