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Aquarium Water Treatments / Plant / API Root Tabs Card of 10

API Root Tabs Card of 10

Item # APH170


Aquarium Plant Fertiliser (#577C)

Manufacturer:Mars Fishcare

  • A superior plant fertilizer in tablet form.  Contains key essential nutrients to stimulate lush plant growth.  Gets new plants off to a good start and keeps established plants flourishing
  • Promotes lush green growth in aquarium plants
  • Contains iron
  • For strong root development
  • Use in freshwater aquariums
  • Aquarium plants require certain essential nutrients for vibrant growth.  Root Tabs are formulated to supply key nutrients, including iron and potassium 
  • Directions for use: Add 1 tablet for each 30 square inches (194 sq cm) of gravel surface.  Push midway into gravel bed.  Add new tablets monthly for optimum plant growth
  • A standard 38 Litre aquarium requires 6 tablets


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