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Aquarium Water Treatments / Plant / API CO2 Booster 237mL

API CO2 Booster 237mL

Item # APH139


Liquid carbon for planted aquariums


  • For a vibrant, healthy planted aquarium
  • Easy to use
  • Treats up to 9480 litres of fresh water
  • Benefits: Carbon is an essential element used by aquarium plants for photosynthesis.  API CO2 booster supplies a concentrated source of carbon in two forms: CO2 as well as simple, organic carbon compounds
  • CO2 Booster may be used alone or with a CO2 system
  • CO2 Booster is safe for use with freshwater fish and will not alter pH
  • Use CO2 Booster along with API Leaf Zone aquatic plant food and API Root tabs aquatic plant tablet fertilizer for a complete plant care system


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Liquid carbon for planted aquariums
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