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Aquarium Test Kits & pH / Hardness / API GH and KH Test Kit Freshwater

API GH and KH Test Kit Freshwater

Item # APH21


General Hardness and Carbonate Hardness

Manufacturer:Mars Fishcare

  • General and Carbonate hardness.
  • Fast,easy and accurate.
  • The Kit contains:
  • 2 liquid dropper bottles with child-resistant safety caps.
  • Easy to read instructions with information on how to correct unsafe water conditions.
  • And 2 glass test tubes with snap-tight caps.
  • When keeping freshwater fish the general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) of aquarium water should match that of the natural habitat of the fish
    Otherwise fish will be stressed and prone to disease.
  • Adding tap water may increase water hardness.
  • Use this kit to easily and accurately measure both GH and KH.
  • Proper GH and KH levels are important part of water quality and are necessary for the health of fish and the development and growth of aquarium plants.
  • Tests tap water and freshwater aquariums for general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH). Helps detect stress on fish caused by rapid pH shifts, which result from low KH levels and helps aquarists duplicate the natural habitat of their fish
  • Number of drops added in test shows GH and KH levels


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