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Aquarium Lights / Metal Halide Lamp 400 watt 14K

Metal Halide Lamp 400 watt 14K

Item # 400w14k


Single Ended (E40)


  • 400 watt metal halide lamp, sinlgle fitting.
  • Suits most 400 watt metal halide fittings.
  • 14000 kelvin colour temperature.
  • Ideal for all marine aquariums, reef aquariums and fresh water aquariums where a deep water effect is desired.
  • Promotes the growth of zooxanthellae algae, essential for the growth and well being of all corals and invertebrates requiring nutrients provided by the photosynthetic process.
  • Also suitable for fresh water aquariums. 
  • E40 Style.

AU$50.00 (Was AU$69.95 you save AU$19.95)

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