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Aquarium Water Conditioners and Purifiers / Natural Miracle Leaf Terminalia Catappa

Natural Miracle Leaf Terminalia Catappa

Item # NM-Leaf


6 Small Satchels

Manufacturer:Ocean Free

  • Made with 100% 'Terminalia Catappa' leaves
  • The leaves are harvested natural terrain free from man made fertilizers
  • Naturally enhances fish colours and stabilizes water
  • The most natural acidic additive on the market
  • Controls the spread of algae
  • Treated for anti-bacterium
  • Leaves are sun dried
  • Essential product for hobbyist's with Arowana, Betta Fish, Discus, Flower horn and other river based species


  • Ocean Free Natural Miracle Leaf can be placed into any filtration system as long as there is constant water movement
  • Can be placed inside a canister filter or laid in the top section of a overhead filter
  • Recommended change is every 2 weeks, replace with a new satchet
  • String attachment for easy positioning & removal
  • Each sachet treats 20 to 150 litres of water

AU$11.45 (Was AU$14.95 you save AU$3.50)

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