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Fish Food / Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel Fish Food Baby Pellet 110g

Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel Fish Food Baby Pellet 110g

Item # KH02621


1.5mm sinking pellet vibrant colour formula *** ON SPECIAL BEST BEFORE/EXPIRY 01/2026 ***


A uniquely balanced daily diet, developed for most standard goldfish.

  • Contains high levels of Pure-Cultured Spirulina and other vegetable matter most goldfish crave
  • Precise amounts of carefully selected carotenoids offer colouration you have to see to believe!
  • Highly digestible to offer rapid growth and desirable form
  • An extremely stable pellet size that's suitable for most goldfish above 3 cm

Readily digested, premium-select ingredients provide immune system support and great taste too!


Feed up to 4 times daily, but do not exceed the amount your fish will consume within a few minutes. More frequent, smaller feedings are best. Always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period to avoid over-feeding and the water quality issues that can result.

AU$11.95 (Was AU$14.60 you save AU$2.65)

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