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Aquarium Water Conditioners and Purifiers / Dr Tim's Aquatics Eco-Balance for Freshwater Aquaria 480ml (16oz)

Dr Tim's Aquatics Eco-Balance for Freshwater Aquaria 480ml (16oz)

Item # 81254001063


Multi-Strained Probiotic Bacteria

Manufacturer:Dr Tim's

The normal processes in an aquarium cause the bio system to become unbalanced allowing unfriendly bacteria and algae to take hold dominate and then negatively impact on your aquarium's water quality.

Eco-Balance uses friendly, 100% natural, probiotic bacteria to help reduce the number of bad bacteria in your aquarium. Use Eco-Balance to restore and maintain a clean, balanced and healthy aquarium.  

  • Multi-Strained probiotic bacteria
  • Adds friendly, supportive bacteria to maintain a balanced environment
  • Promotes optimal water quality
  • Block out unfriendly bacteria
  • 100% natural
  • Treats 1817 Litres

Use once per week as a natural way to keep your aquarium healthy, clean and in balance.

Good for 6 months at room temperature, or 1 year at 10C.  Keep refrigerated for longest shelf life.

Directions for Use:

  • Maximum dose 10 ml per 10 gallons (40 Litres) of aquarium water.
  • Caution: When initially using Eco-Balance we strongly recommend adding only a HALF dose. 


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