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Aquarium Accessories / Glues, Sealants and Silicone / Aqua Medic Reef Construct 2 x 56g sticks

Aqua Medic Reef Construct 2 x 56g sticks

Item # AM42060


Under water glue


  • Our Reef Construct is a two-part epoxy putty to secure rock and hard and soft corals within the aquarium.
  • It solves many of the problems encountered during the aqua-scaping of fresh and salt water aquariums.
  • With Reef Construct, rock formations can be safely built, invertebrates with inadequate base pads can be anchored, and hard coral cuttings can be secured.
  • Reef Construct is a fast curing, two-part epoxy putty that can even be used underwater.
  • It adheres to rock, wood, metal, glass, plastic, concrete and most other materials.


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