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Fish Food / Aquasonic Brine Shrimp Eggs GSL A Grade 10g

Aquasonic Brine Shrimp Eggs GSL A Grade 10g

Item # BSE-10


(Artemia Cysts). > 245000 NPG *** ON SPECIAL INTRO PRICE BACK IN STOCK ***


  • Premium Grade GSL 90% hatch rate
  • Artemia or Brine Shrimp are a great source of live food for nearly all aquarium fish. 
  • They can be hatched out easily in salt water at a temperature of around 25C.
  • Providing you have sufficient aeration to keep the cysts in suspension.
  • Newly hatched enriched Artemia are a great food source for larval fish due to their small size and ability to absorb enrichment products.
  • Adult Artemia are great for larger fish either enriched, or just as a treat of live food rather than just the usual frozen or flake food.
  • To make the most of your artemia cultures, we suggest you use an ammonia neutraliser to reduce the build up of toxic ammonia and increase growth and survivability. 
  • On average it takes between 2 and 3 weeks for artemia to reach adulthood and begin to breed themselves.

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