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Fish Food / Hikari Algae Wafer Fish Food 250g

Hikari Algae Wafer Fish Food 250g

Item # KH21328


  • Hikari Algae Wafers.
  • Great for Plecostomus and Algae eaters.
  • The rich and finest diets for algae eaters.
  • Rich in vegetable matter.
  • Offers complete and balanced nutrition for superior growth and improved health.
  • Contains higher levels of spirulina and vegetable matter Plecostomus and other Algae eaters prefer.
  • The uniquely shaped disc won't dissolve readily or cloud aquarium water.
  • The "original algae wafer"-Easy and convenient to use.
  • Rich in necessary vitamins and nutrients,including stabilized vitamin C to reduce stress and stress related disease.

AU$33.60 (Was AU$36.40 you save AU$2.80)

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