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Fish Food / Hikari Betta Bio-Gold - Fish Food 20g

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold - Fish Food 20g

Item # KH19110


Floating pellet


  • Specialist fish food.
  • Betta Bio Gold.
  • Reduces stress and related illness.
  • Optimum nutritional balance.
  • Never clouds the water.
  • Floating pellet.
  • Hikari Betta Bio Gold has been developed after considerable research into the nutritional requirements of Betta's
  • This floating pellet,which won't cloud your water.
  • Utilizes Bio-Technology to promote excellent coloration while meeting 100% of your pets's nutritional needs.
  • Give your Betta a food made especially for them.
  • Hikari Betta Bio Gold includes premium-select fish meal which provides a superior protein source.
  • Look for our other premium diets which your Betta's will also enjoy,like Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Blood worms and Freeze Dried blood worms.


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Hikari Betta Bio-Gold - Fish Food 2.5
Hikari Betta Bio-Gold - Fish Food 2.5
Floating pellet
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