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Fish Food / Hai Feng Aqua Magic Cichlid Granules 140g

Hai Feng Aqua Magic Cichlid Granules 140g

Item # HF22


Colour enhancing. 16 Vitamins

Manufacturer:Hai Feng

  • Suitable for Red Arowana, Cichlid and other medium sized tropical fish.
  • Use natural colour enhancing elements such as Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Fresh Shrimps and ferment colour to help your fish develop it's natural bright colours within 7-14 days.
  • Special immune substance and multivitamins, enzymes and other important elements such as organic minerals, trace elements and special amino acids are added to ensure balanced growth and disease resistance.
  • High quality control helps to keep a cleaner and stable water environment for your fish.
  • ISO9001 certified manufacturer.
  • Ingredients: White Fish meal, Wheat Flour, Antartic Shrimps, Soybean meal, Wheat Germ, Dried yeast, Immune Substance, Spirulina, Organic Minerals, 16 Vitamins and Natural Colours.


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