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Dymax IQ5 Acrylic Aquarium 13L

Item # DM007


Ready-made Desktop Fishtank Set


13 Litre acrylic aquarium perfect for compact spaces

  • Made from durable and ultra-clear 1/4" acrylic that is stronger and safer than glass and has no sharp edges
  • Suitable as a nano planted aquarium, for shrimps or as a betta tank
  • Comes complete with integrated lighting and filtration
  • Dimensions: 270mm L x 220mm W x 280mm H


The filtration system is hidden behind a black acrylic false wall, using overflow to keep the aquarium surface free of oily buildup

  • 5 layers of filtration include a trickle tray for better aeration, mechanical sponge to filter bigger particles, active carbon to remove odour and colouration, bio ceramic ball and bio sponge to increase cultivation of biological bacteria

IQ Pump

The IQ pump comes with a flow rate control allowing user control for different applications of the IQ aquarium. Lower mode recommended for a planted aquarium, medium mode for tropical fishkeeping and higher mode for marine use.


  • Smart touch LED
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Micro processor base to control brightness of blue and white light
  • Flexible swing arm action enables it to swing away easily during aquarium maintenance

Combining innovation and creativity, the new Dymax IQ5 mini acrylic aquarium comes in 3 attractive colours.


Choose a Colour
Ruby Red (DM009) 
Purple Amethyst (DM008) 

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